Posted on: April 16, 2008 12:50 pm
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The Wax Man

I hereby request the media to:

Replace the words "Rep. Harry A. Waxman, (D-CA)" with the words "Mayor of Whoville. " Please, I'm begging you. I mean really, you're telling me you're hearing this for the first time? Immediately, upon seeing this guy I thought he was a dead ringer for the mayor. And I know you did too, media. You are trained to notice things. So please, I'm begging you, make the switch and out Harry for 'who' he really is...the Mayor of Whoville!
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Posted on: April 9, 2008 2:01 am
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Commercials that Make No Sense

We've all seen commercials that boggle our minds. You know, ones that make no sense. You watch it, then when it's over, you ask "what the heck was that" and most of the time you don't even remember what the ad was for.

Well, the John Kruk commercial on ESPN is blogworthy. John Kruk is reminiscing about the time when he was walking around on the field [in a suit, so he's not a player] during a baseball game, and he suddenly trips over his lost briefcase. Somehow this lost briefcase was buried in the dirt on the field. He opens it, and a bunch of bugs come flying out of the briefcase, because he left an egg salad sandwich in there. All these bugs are freakin flying around and somehow it brings bad luck to the Yankees, which for some reason have Karl Ravich pitching for them.

Do we have any idea what the heck this is about? I've heard of and seen games where bugs come out of nowhere [I think Cleveland had a game like that]. If you've never seen the ad, you're thinking "this dude is on acid" with that description. But if you've seen the ad you're thinking "thank God, I'm NOT on acid."
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Posted on: March 21, 2008 7:13 pm

nice work USD!!!

It takes some getting used to, "San Diego" doesn't mean USD to most of us here in San Diego.  The campus is buzzing!  I'm amazed they were able to fight through losing their top two scorers.  Truly amazing, I guess the Big East wasn't so big after all!  At least for that game.
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Posted on: February 11, 2008 3:30 pm

NFL to Revisit putting Radio Comm in for Defenses

Well, according to the Washington Post [you might need a Post account to read], the NFL is looking into allowing the defense to have a player with a Radio Communication device, just like the QB gets. This would eliminate the need for the defenses to relay signals in from the sidelines, and thus there would be no signals to steal.

Of particular note is the fact that they've had similar proposals each of the last two offseasons. For proposals like this to pass, the teams have to approve them with a 24 out of 32 vote. Two years ago the proposal received 18 votes. Last year, it garnered 22 votes. Of note, the Patriots were one of the teams to vote against this proposal [ link].

I'd be really interested in seeing who the other owners were who voted against this. The League quote is that "some of the offensive coaches didn't think it was necessary," but yet I'd hardly call Belichick an offensive coach. I have a sneaky suspicion that my Eagles might have voted against this proposal as well.

Does anyone know what other owners would have shot down a "leveling of the playing field?" That is, who would have been against the defense being afforded the same mechanism for play calling that offenses get?
Posted on: February 1, 2008 8:50 pm

Au revior to Defoe

Tottenham says good bye to Jermaine...the 25 year old English striker who has found it tough to get minutes for Spurs ever since Berbatov arrived.

We lost Defoe because we made a stupid signing in the summer. We pay 16.5 million pounds for Bent, then we only get 9 million for Defoe. Is Bent that much better than Defoe? Is he even better? I say he's not. The good news is that we get a little younger, Defoe is 25, Bent is 23 [turning 24 on Wednesday].

Jermaine was good for us, and he will improve with the playing time Redknapp will give him at Pompey. I think he'll thrive there...good for Defoe. We'll miss you.
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I wonder why elite soccer players don't have their arms removed. It could prevent a game switching on a dime. Imagine going from 1-1 to 1-2 and missing a player because you have an arm. And it hit a soccer ball.

I suppose you could run around with your arms behind you the entire time. But that would look dumb.

Yeah, we lost to a better team, on the road at one of the greatest places on earth. But don't let the score fool you. It came down to one play. And it was because of an arm.

An interesting game, this soccer. I'm learning more and more about it every day. Do they immediately eject a player for having a ball hit his arm? Is it because it was in the box? Does intent have nothing to do with whether you get ejected? I don't know the answers to these questions. It seems like a bad enough penalty to give the other team an almost automatic goal. To send the guy away seems harsh.

Still, I feel good about the team. It looks like they belong and can handle some of the better teams. Finally.


Even more important, did I ever think that I would care about soccer at all? Did I ever think it would turn into this? I can't believe that my first two blogs are all about Spurs. Yikes.
Posted on: January 24, 2008 12:14 am
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Five to Freakin One!!!!

Well I had a feeling. Enough of a feeling that I decided to go watch the Tottenham/Arsenal Carling Cup match at a place where there probably would be wankers rooting for Arsenal. And I was right.

I saddled up to my table and waited for the help to come and take my order. The wankers looked at me with disdain, taunting me and telling me that Gallas was in and we were going down. Yet, the onslaught was on almost from the first whistle, and Spurs were doing the slaughtering! I celebrated every goal with a loud scream and fist pump in their general direction, they just could not believe their pompous team was getting pounded. They were gone inside 60 minutes. It was AWESOME!!!! The Arsenal players even resorted to headbutting each other. What was left to say????

The corned beef and Old Speckled Hen never tasted so great.
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