Posted on: February 11, 2008 3:30 pm

NFL to Revisit putting Radio Comm in for Defenses

Well, according to the Washington Post [you might need a Post account to read], the NFL is looking into allowing the defense to have a player with a Radio Communication device, just like the QB gets. This would eliminate the need for the defenses to relay signals in from the sidelines, and thus there would be no signals to steal.

Of particular note is the fact that they've had similar proposals each of the last two offseasons. For proposals like this to pass, the teams have to approve them with a 24 out of 32 vote. Two years ago the proposal received 18 votes. Last year, it garnered 22 votes. Of note, the Patriots were one of the teams to vote against this proposal [NFL.com link].

I'd be really interested in seeing who the other owners were who voted against this. The League quote is that "some of the offensive coaches didn't think it was necessary," but yet I'd hardly call Belichick an offensive coach. I have a sneaky suspicion that my Eagles might have voted against this proposal as well.

Does anyone know what other owners would have shot down a "leveling of the playing field?" That is, who would have been against the defense being afforded the same mechanism for play calling that offenses get?
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